Custom 1 Inch Motorcycle Handlebar Chopper Bobber
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Devil APE Bar motorcycle handlebar for Harley Sportster Bobber Chopper and other custom bikes. Height available for 10”, 12”, 14”and 16, and clamp size for 1”.

Color: Chrome and black

Packaging: 1 pcs in one box / 10 pcs in one package

Lead Time:

≤10 pcs, 5 days

≤100 pcs, 15 days

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1. Motorcycle Ape Bar Size: 10", 12", 14", 16"; Clamp Size: 1"

2. Vintage Ape Bar Style.

3. Superior Solid Steel : 3mm thickness, higher hardness and durable, best to shape your model.

4. Level 8 in Salt Spray Test: Bright, shiny and durable; Remain in good condition for 3 to 5 years.

5. Baking Vanish by High Temperature: Brighter, more smooth and wear-resistant.

6. Professional Welding and Polishing: Polished from 3 to 5 times; Higher strength and smooth surface; Provide perfect appearance.

7. Pre-drilled for internal wiring.



Q1: Do you have the universal windshield in stock?
A1: 90% of our products are in stock.
Q2: What's the delivery time?
A2: Small order 3-5 days and large order confirmed with salesman.
Q3: Can I add my logo on the motorcycle wind screen?
A3: Yes, custom logo as for your requirement.


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